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Phone and email validation on cart

We occasionally have users who decide to input seven digits for their phone number instead of the full 10-digits (US phones - I know it's different elsewhere). It would be handy if there were a feature to catch this and prompt the user. Yes, I can get it coded and add the necessary regex myself, but it would be a handy feature for the project as a whole.

The second is similar. While full-fledged "email validation" is basically an impossibility, users frequently make typos like "@gmail.con" or "@gmail.cin" when typing their email address. I found the following project that at least catches common mistakes:

Again, I know I could add these just to my store, but it would be handy to add in general. Thoughts?
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Good thoughts. Email validation is definitely something we're wanting to add to the checkout but unfortunately it hasn't made it far enough up our todo list to tackle yet. Phone validations is more complex as each country has varying phone formats and different stores can have different requirements too, but certainly something we can consider moving forward too.

    For now, as you noted - you can add in any custom validations you need per store with custom code.

    One related thing we're also looking at is making it easier for stores to add custom validations to fields on the checkout - it's not super straight-forward right now, and we'd like to make that easier too so it's a quicker task to add in any custom validations that a store may need.
  • Awesomesauce! That was a far more encouraging answer than I anticipated (I don't mean that as a criticism - I just know that there are these things called "priorities," and I didn't expect these suggestions to be on your list). Let me know if you're needing a guinea pig for any of these features - I'd be totally willing to test them out!
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