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Filter Subscriptions by next_transaction date

Hi guys,

I'm trying to filter all subscriptions using next_transaction_date, Iam using this as a filter

$filter = array(
'next_transaction_date_filter_begin' => '2018-03-17',
I have one test subscription which has this next transaction date "2018-03-17". I can filter this out,it's working. I dumped the data for now as a test.

But I also have one which has a next date transaction of "2018-04-12", I tried to filter it by changing filter value (next_transaction_date_filter_begin) but im getting a "NO subscriptions found error".

I also tried to change the subscription which has "2018-03-17" as next date and changed it to "2018-03-20" manually, then set the next_transaction_date_filter_begin filter to "2018-03-20" and I got no result.

I wonder why is this happening? is there any rule in using next_transaction_date_filter_begin filter?

  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Thanks for including the screenshot and the details of what you're trying to achieve. It does look like the filters on our legacy API are behaving a little unexpectedly when you just specify the start filter date. To ensure you get the results you're after there - we'd recommend specifying an end date as well using "next_transaction_date_filter_end". In my testing that got the results I was expecting - let me know if that doesn't work for you.
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