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Variable Pricing?

PolytypePolytype Member
in Help edited April 2018
I'm trying to set up a webstore to sell fonts as downloadable products. Customers are really paying for the font license, and the amount they pay changes depending on the license type — but no matter what license they purchase for a certain font, they will receive the same downloadable product.

This is the relevant part of the form the form that I'd be passing to foxy:

input type="hidden" name="0:category" value="Fonts"
input type="hidden" name="0:name" value="Chromatica Family Desktop"
input type="hidden" name="0:price" value="122.5"
input type="hidden" name="0:code" value="ChromaticaFamilyD"

Since the price is variable, I want the price value in the form to be passed through to the checkout — but the price at the checkout is always just the product price entered for the downloadable product through foxy admin; it ignores the price value present in the form.

Hope someone can help, thanks.
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Hi @Polytype. You're right, downloadables have the price set on the product in the admin, so they're unlike any other types of products in Foxy. Two options here would be:
    1) Use the self-hosted downloadable script:
    The setup on that isn't too tricky, and that'll give you extra flexibility.

    2) Set up different products with the prices you want.

    We do have a ticket to allow prices to be set dynamically, but it's not likely something we'll be getting to anytime soon, unfortunately.
  • Thanks for the info, Brett.

    I've only taken a brief look at the self-hosted downloads integration, but it does say this:
    Price - the price charged for each download of this product. This value must correlate with the price received from FoxyCart or the link generation will fail.
    I need to take another look to see if this can be overridden – but perhaps you know for sure that this is possible?

    As for adding different products with different prices – it's a pretty unappealing task. I'd need to have 5 of every product, and if my pricing structure changed even slightly it would be a nightmare to update all those prices!

    Would it not make sense to allow downloadables to be processed at a different price to the one registered on the product in admin — on the condition that the processed price is higher? Or allow it just for products set at $0, effectively letting sellers offer products as pay-what-you-want?
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Reviewing the code for the self-hosted downloadables, I see what you've noted there. It appears that this validation was present in the initial versions of the script, but the latest version does not require the price from the cart match what you have set in your database anymore.

    Thanks for your notes on working with the native functionality too - that is helpful. We have some plans for our downloadable functionality for improvements we'd like to make, I'll make sure your notes are included with that.
  • Great, thanks Adam.
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