Change color of SVG icons. How?

I want to change the colors of several of the SVG icons. I've tried multiple classes w/any luck.

I want to change the double arrow icon on the continue shopping icon to another color. I also want to change the color of the arrow icons next to the "keep shopping" and "proceed to checkout".

Can anyone help me with this code?

  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Thanks for posting - sorry for the confusion with getting the SVG icons styled. They do need to be targeted a little differently than normal - I've just added some information to our wiki to help clarify how to approach it. You can see that new information here:

    The following are the three icons you'll want to style:
    #fc .fa-angle-double-left {
    fill: #666;
    #fc .fa-caret-left {
    fill: #FFF;
    #fc .fa-caret-right {
    fill: #888;
  • aks852322aks852322 Member
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