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Advanced Edit of Subscription Clears the Shipping Info

alanalan Member
in Bugs & Feature Requests edited April 2018

We had an issue with subscriptions where the incorrect weight for some items was stored with the subscription. We posted about it here:

As instructed, we corrected these weights using the "Advanced Edit" text area in the subscription page. However, this caused another problem for us as it cleared the shipping information (USPS) that was stored with the subscription, so when the recurring orders were passed to our shipping service, it did not include the shipping information and so labels were not automatically printed.

Using the "Unified Order Entry Password" on the "sub token url", I updated the shipping info on some of the subscriptions where the shipping information had been cleared. This strategy worked for most of the customers, however, I was not able to update the shipping info for the subscriptions where the customer used PayPal as a payment, because even with the UOEP, it would not allow me to update the subscription without logging into the customer's PayPal account. This makes those subscriptions uneditable by admin.

Two questions:

1. Is there a way to update the shipping info without using the UOEP? This generates an unnecessary transaction and does not work for all customers.
2. Why is the shipping information cleared when admin updates the subscription info via "Advanced Edit"? Is shipping info even a variable that can be updated via "Advance Edit"? If so, that answers my first question. It seems that shipping info variable should not be cleared as it is required for any purchase.

We are using Version 2.0.

  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Thanks for providing a detailed summary of what you're after - I'm sorry that you've run into this issue.

    The shipping information shouldn't be cleared from a subscription, so we'll want to dig in further as to how that's happening. Could I confirm with you some of the transactions for your store that processed without the subscription data? Feel free to whisper those to me using the "whisper" checkbox when replying, and enter my forum username into the text input that appears.
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