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What does this error mean?

maricris_snmaricris_sn Member
in Help edited June 2018
Error: There was an error processing your payment: The value for the # field is too long. # characters (maximum) are allowed. Your entry contains # characters. (Response Reason Code: 5005)
I encounter this error after filling in the details on the checkout page. I have only two items in cart (both not needing shipment). The first item is added to cart on previous page, the second item is computed and added on the checkout page itself. When I submit the order, I get this error. However, I don't know what field is referred to the error.

Please help. Thank you
  • Found the codes were those returned via Converge payment gateway. For those who will encounter this, check this document:

    However, it still doesn't answer the question which field is at fault. So, my concern still persists.
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Thanks for posting the additional details, I'm sorry to hear you're experiencing this error. That particular response, as you've discovered, is coming back from the gateway directly. I'm not sure why they're not specifying exactly which field they have an issue with - that isn't super helpful at all! I would assume that the # is meant to be replaced with specific details, but it doesn't appear to be happening here.

    Checking the requests and comparing it to the documentation for your gateway - I believe perhaps the city and address2 fields are the ones at issue - they're both limited to 30 characters, but the values entered were longer than that.

    I'm going to open a ticket on our side to ensure that we restrict all of the fields to the lengths that Elavon support to prevent this error from occurring again. We'll follow-up once we're able to put those in place.
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