Address Auto-Complete (UK)


We'd really like to integrate a better address validation solution and if possible a predictive auto-complete type solution, for example:

I just wondered whether there was any similar solutions FoxyCart would recommend, preferably with sample integration code :)

  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Thanks for posting to ask. We currently have address validation with our Avalara tax integration, but we don't yet support any other options. We have plans for opening up the ability to more easily integrate with other address validation providers in the future though. No ETA on that yet though - but it's definitely something we'd like to support to allow stores to validate customer addresses however they need.

    For now - it is possible to add in custom address validation to the checkout using some custom javascript and our events - but unfortunately we don't have any example code for achieving that right now.

    For a custom address lookup, a custom integration may also be possible there too - but it may be more involved than a custom address validation integration. You would need to turn off our native integration, and then apply your own custom javascript. Again this isn't something that we have sample code for unfortunately.

    Sorry we didn't have a better answer for you! If you wanted to have a go at adding in custom validation - we'd be happy to discuss in more detail with you how you could approach it.
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