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Using discounts on subscriptions

alextorresalextorres Member
in Help edited July 2018

I see this in
Discounted subscription cost for only a certain number of renewals

You may need to be able to offer customers a special offer of receiving their subscription at a discounted price for the first X renewals, before the subscription becoming full price again.

To achieve that, you would make use of our coupons functionality and the setting to limit the number of uses per customer for the coupon. This restriction is based on the customers email address, so if you need to allow the customer to receive the first 3 payments on their subscription at a discounted rate, you would set the limit per customer to be 3.

For the customer to receive the discount, they would need to enter the coupon code on the cart or checkout. If you wanted them to receive the discount automatically, you could include the coupon parameter as part of the add to cart for your subscription, like coupon=my_coupon_code
But I don't see anything about using discounts on subscriptions. Is it possible?

Thank you
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Sorry, I may be misunderstanding your question here. It's definitely possible to apply a coupon to a subscription, it is applied just like a coupon is for a normal product purchase. Is there anything we can provide further clarity on for applying coupons to subscriptions?

    Or are you specifically asking about product level discounts as opposed to coupons? If so - those can also apply to subscriptions too, just like normal products. We don't have timing/usage limitations for product level discounts though - so the discount will simply continue to apply to the subscription.
  • Hello @fc_adam

    yes, I was talking about product level discounts usage limitations shouldn't be a problem because we use subscriptions as if they were pre-orders, so they cancel themselves on the first iteration (when the product becomes on sale)

  • fc_marijafc_marija FoxyCart Team
    @alextorres -

    It sounds like you have what you need? You'd just set a discount on the subscription product as shown here:
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