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Prevent International Shipping for Product Category

alanalan Member
We have a product that we do not want international customers to be able to purchase. Is there a cart parameter that I can use that will prevent international shipping? Or can I specify this in the product category specification? We are using V 2.0
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Thanks for posting. While we have the location whitelist/blacklist option on the configuration in the Foxy administration for your store, that applies to all products instead of just specific ones. To apply dynamic restrictions beyond that, you can utilise this snippet to specify what countries can be used when specific products are present:

    If you need any help setting up the custom logic for that snippet, if you can confirm which products can't be shipped internationally and what unique attribute(s) can be used to identify them, we can help you get started.
  • alanalan Member
    It's working, thank you!
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