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How much am I biting off hooking up a shipping API?

I'm setting up a shop at to transition from Etsy and have more control over the whole shop. I've been using for my drop shipping. They've got an API and I'd love to hook it up instead of sending them manual order updates. My question is how difficult a job am I looking at, here? I know front-end development enough to knock a site together, but am pretty ignorant when it comes to API's.

Here's what I'm looking to have happen:
- Customer order information passed from FoxyShop to SFC once a customer transaction is confirmed
- Shipping status sent to the customer when their order is fulfilled
- Inventory updates reflected on the shop (when SFC ships an order, when SFC receives new stock, and when SFC processes a return)
- Warning messages sent to our shop email if either FoxyCart or SFC makes a change to their API's that impacts this setup

Is this something I can muddle through just reading the api docs, or will I need to secure a professional developer to make sure this doesn't come back to bite me?

  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Thanks for posting and providing an overview of what you're after. What you've described is definitely possible - but it will really dependant on your confidence level working with server-side code as to how achievable it is.

    For the Foxy portions - you may not need to use our full API to be honest. It'd only be if you're looking to save attributes about the shipping status against the individual transaction that you would need to work with the API. Beyond that - it sounds like most of the integration will be between SFC and FoxyShop.

    Actually the one portion that you would use Foxy for would be your first point of passing order information to SFC. Instead of coming from FoxyShop, you could integrate with our webhooks. We have a "transaction/created" event that you could subscribe to, which sends information on each successful order as it happens. We have some helper code on working with the webhook on that wiki page too.

    We don't currently support shipping statuses (although it is something we're working towards), so that would be a custom set up. You may also want to look at OrderDesk - it doesn't look like they currently integrate with SFC directly - but it may be something they could consider. OrderDesk support shipping tracking numbers too, so could help also with your second point of emailing the customer with the shipping status.

    In terms of warning emails around changes to the API - our aim is to not make any breaking changes there. If any upcoming changes would alter the current functionality, we notify any stores that would be affected to let them know in advance.

    If you would prefer to work with a developer to get this set up though - we can also send over a few developers who are familiar with Foxy that you could work with. Let us know if you'd like that. Otherwise, we're also happy to help with any questions you may have if you try to set things up yourself too.
  • @fc_adam,

    Thank you so much for the thorough reply. I'm going to give the webhook a shot after reading over the documentation some more.

    I'll keep your offer to hook me up with some devs in mind. I suspect I'll need them down the road. Thanks again.
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