tracking the sidecart deployment with google analytics

PhilippePhilippe Member
in Help edited August 2018
We would like to track the sidecart deployment - (to understand if a customer was discouraged after checking the shipping- or whether they actually proceeded to the checkout).

We do not use Gtag, just the regular analytics.js - is there a way to track when the sidecart was deployed, via an event for example ?
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team
    edited August 2018

    If you're utilising our native GA integration (which I believe you are), the Sidecart display is tracked as a /cart pageview, with a page title of "Sidecart". That should hopefully be enough for you to be able to filter the statistics in GA to target those people who viewed the Sidecart. I hope that helps!
  • It does help and it si indeed enough - I thought "/cart" was actually the full page cart and I was wondering how to track specifically the side cart, which is not really a page view in Google's terminology.


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