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Looking for developer to help upgrade 1.1 store to 2.0

We have a store that was built many years ago using FoxyCart 1.1. We'd like to get all templates upgraded to work with 2.0 and need to make sure we have everything configured correctly. Looking for a developer who can help take care of this for us as our team is swamped with other work right now. It's not a large store at all so hopefully won't take too long.
Anybody interested?
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Hi @andy_dwg. Have we already got you a custom upgrade plan or discussed upgrading this account? We can do up a PDF with all the notes and things you'd need to be concerned about, given your store's configuration.

    That said, we can definitely get you in touch with some developers we recommend. It'd be best to drop us a quick email to discuss. That ok with you?
  • @brett I had no idea about this. ok. I'll drop you guys a line asap. thanks!
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