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Subscription Datafeeds

jaushmanjaushman Member
in Bugs & Feature Requests edited April 2009
Our client wanted a free month for all subscribers to their new website. We're now getting into the time for original subscribers to renew their monthly subs and start paying monthly fees. Looking at the XML datafeeds that we're getting from FoxyCart I notice that I'm getting a report of all successful renewal transactions for today, but I'm not seeing a datafeed for errors/declined transactions. According to the FC admin area we've had several declined transactions from today's renewal transactions.

The datafeed for successful transactions posted around 8:00am CST today. Should the datafeed for errors/declined transactions post around that same time or does it come later in the day?

Thanks for your help in clarifying this.
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    Hey Jaushman, are you using this information: ?

    If you XML Datafeed processor is just looking for "foxydata" and not "foxysubscriptiondata", then you're only seeing the normal foxy cart datafeed information that is sent after every successful transaction. Also, you have to be on the latest datafeed version and store version (050) for these features. Some example code that might be helpful is located here:

    Does that help? Please let us know if you have any thoughts on what we can do to clarify the notes on the wiki to make this more clear.

  • Currently my setup takes any data sent via the POST request with the parameter of "FoxyData", decrypts it, and saves it to our database. From there it runs the required processes based on information it finds in the XML structure.

    I see that on the sub datafeed has an XML variable for "foxysubscriptiondata" instead of "foxydata." Is the POST request also being sent with the parameter of "FoxySubscriptionData" or is it still in "FoxyData"? If the POST parameter is the same then the error feed should be saving to my database and I'm not seeing it in there.

    I am receiving feeds for every successful transaction and a once daily feed of all successful renewal transactions, but still no error feed for renewals.
  • *** UPDATE ***

    In looking at the code sample that Luke sent me I see that there is in fact a POST parameter of "FoxySubscriptionData" that I need to be listening for. It may be worth noting that in the docs/wiki.

    Thanks for the help Luke!
  • Hey Luke (all)

    We have a store version 0.4.0 that has subscribers and uses the MODx subscription snippet/plugin to listen for the datafeed. Starting on Tuesday we had our datafeed fail and it's been failing each day since then. We're using datafeed version 0.7

    Has something happened on your end that may be causing this? Or is there anything I can do to fix it?

  • Also, I use the test script from the wiki and it always comes up "foxy" so it appears that everything is working fine on our end.
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    Hey gl330k, are there any specific errors in your datafeed error log? Have you tired just saving the XML to a flat file or database and processing it through your datafeed offline?
  • On one of our test sites we were getting "Your XML Datafeed processor for XXX has failed more than 3 times" email and the feed gets turned off. The error log in foxycart clearly shows the error was in our script. (which we haven't bothered to fix yet) Very useful, as the error log shows the output your script sent to Foxycart.

    However, if I turn the datafeed back on (and let it error out again) I don't get any new error log entries... Any ideas on that one? (foxy 0.4.0, feed 0.6, store id 1451)
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    Before we implemented the auto shutdown of datafeeds we had a test in there to ensure the same transaction entry didn't get logged over and over again in the error logs. That's probably why you're not seeing another entry there. We'll have to take a look at that and see if it makes sense to let each entry be logged every time.
  • Well...that is not a bad thing, actually. I just think it would be best if that routine only looked at un-hidden errors as duplicates though -- so if you hide the errors, you can then get a new batch.
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Hi gl330k.
    Can you start a new thread for this? It's actually an entirely different XML datafeed that that's relying on.

    @jaushman: Thanks for the suggestion. I've added some notes to that page:
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    Thanks tookings, I like that suggestion. And it's done.
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    And... it's gone!
    (South Park fans anybody? is _hilarious_.)
  • Works great -- thanks much!

    Actually watching one of my favorite SP episodes now...won't say which though, I'm bound to offend somebody. :)
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    Oh, you're opening your first checking account? That's nice.'s gone!

    South Park is just all kinds of wrong, but that clip was freaking hilarious.
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