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Account configuration issue. Please verify your login credentials.

One of our clients uses PayPal Payflow Pro gateway. Whenever data which is managed by ourselves is changed, we call payment_gateways API ( using PATCH method. According to this document, PATCH updates a payment_gateway which is sent only the properties you want to modify.

We just send description, type, use_auth_only, config_3d_secure, additional_fields. After this API call, the client sees "Account configuration issue. Please verify your login credentials." while checking out. To resolve this issue, our client should set up test_account_id, test_account_key, test_third_party_key again and the error is gone. So, I think some configurations are reset even though we didn't include the parameters just in case of PayPal Payflow Pro.

Could you please check if there's a parameter resetting issue on PayPal Payflow Pro?
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Thanks for reaching out to ask. As you described, the PATCH call to the resource should only be updating the values that you pass - anything else should remain as it was.

    I tested things out on my side, and wasn't able replicate the kind of experience you described. With a gateway configured to Payflow Pro, I performed a PATCH that passed the description, type, use_auth_only, config_3d_secure, and additional_fields - and in my test the data just included a different use_auth_only value. Running a transaction before and after the PATCH call was successful.

    When you run your PATCH call - do you see any change to the test_account_id, test_account_key, test_third_party_key values for the resource? Do they get blanked out, or change to something else?

    Could we also confirm with you which store this is for? To keep it private, feel free to whisper me those details by checking the "Whisper" box when replying and enter my forum username, or alternatively you can email us too.
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