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Servertastic Migrates to Foxy Payment Solution

We recently migrated from a very old in house checkout solution with some significant technical debt. We moved to Foxy for a number of reasons:

- PCI compliance
- Stored card details
- Subscriptions
- Javascript cart for caching
- Reduced development time

The e-commerce element is integrated with a WordPress website using Javscript / moustache to load the pricing and allow for currency switching with HMAC used during add to cart to prevent fraud. The checkout flow is integrated with Auth0 as SSO so customers can use existing accounts. With over 6k customers we did not want to force new account creation.

We also integrated Vatlayer in the pre checkout hook to validate customer VAT numbers.

Finally we set-up with BlueSnap and PayPal for payment processing so we can offer a range of card and payment options.

We hooked up to the Foxy API and so the Foxy callback initiates the automatic fulfilment of the order. We also process all customer details into ZoHo CRM along with purchase product details so sales can track these. Transactions are also automatically input into our accounting system (ClearBooks).

We are about to launch auto-bill option for customers which allows them to top-up their account without having to visit the website. Possible using Foxy API and stored card details.

We tested the sidecart v full cart options and found the full cart worked better for customers. Mostly because customers tend to purchase one thing at a time.

Utilising Foxy dramatically reduced our development time compared to building our own in-house solution. It was also flexible enough to still achieve the requirements of what we needed.

Live website is here:

Anyone looking for particular Foxy integration work especially with the API get in touch with Askew Brook who did all the work for us:
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Thanks for posting and sharing your set up and experiences. I'm glad Foxy was a good fit for your needs - you've got a great integration set up for Servertastic!
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