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Mailchimp, ConvertKit, Etc. Integration

radiusradius Member
in Help edited November 2018
Hi Everyone,

Wanting to see if anyone has had any luck integrating something like "Mailchimp 360" or ConvertKit or something similar that provides an email platform to be able to 'sync' in data from people's purchases so you can for example: email recent subscribers, email people who have only purchased one and send them a promotion, etc.

It looks like the current Mailchimp integration only sends new sign-ups to Mailchimp, but if a user for example cancels their subscription, I want mailchimp to know about it.

Anyone have any experience with this?
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team
    edited November 2018

    Thanks for posting - good question. We have looked at Mailchimp's more advanced integration, and it is something we'd like to support, but unfortunately haven't been able to prioritise it ourselves yet. We've had discussions with a couple of our users who have looked at it too, but I don't believe any have actually undertaken a custom integration.

    ConvertKit is one that we don't have example code for currently, and I don't recall talking to any users about that service particularly.

    That said - a custom integration can definitely be possible with either if you're comfortable working with server-side code, or have someone on your team that is. Using a combination of our webhooks and API you can get any information you need passed over to those services using their respective APIs.

    We also have an integration for Zapier, which is currently in private beta, but could be used to feed information over to any services who are also integrate with Zapier. Let us know if you'd like access to that.
  • Hi there,

    I'm also interested in this. I'm surprised nobody has integrated the Foxycart data with MailChimp. It used to work but I guess MailChimp changed their API and now no ecommerce data gets passed over.

    Any idea what would be involved in getting ecommerce data passed over to MailChimp like used to happen with their Mailchimp 360 integration?
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Good question. A custom integration for MailChimp's latest API should definitely be possible - and from our side would probably rely primarily on our webhooks. This would allow you to capture information about each successful transaction, and feed that information over to MailChimp using their API.

    From what I understand of their new API, it also requires that products be created through their API before they're able to be associated with orders in their system too. Depending how you're managing your products, you could synchronise them from your CMS, or at the same time as creating orders, add the products if they're not already present.

    If you wanted to use their cart abandonment functionality too - that would require dynamically capturing the customers email address on the checkout, and feeding that information, along with their current cart, to MailChimp. This would require some javascript added to the checkout to dynamically send that information over, or if you require the customer be logged in on your site first using our SSO functionality, you could capture it from your site too.
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