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how to pull my FedEx One rate costs?


Really need big help here, losing $$$.

I have a great one rate with FedEx but can only offer it to customers by creating categories. This is costing me $ because when an overseas customer purchases that product I lost $27 on shipping. I need Foxycart to pull my "ONE RATE" for containers (Fed Ex Envelope)(Fed Ex Pak) (Medium box) and (large box)

In the Foxycart shipping fields for FED EX there are only these options:

2 day 2 day freight 3 day freight express saver first overnight ground home delivery overnight freight priority overnight standard overnight

IN SHORT: I need my customers to see during check out > Fed Ex $12.80 or International USPS $36.00
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Thanks for posting - I'm sorry to hear you're losing money on the shipping rates. As you've noted, we don't currently return Fedex's One Rate - although it is ticketed on our side for a future enhancement.

    For now - you've mentioned those two specific rates - is that a flat rate no matter the customers address both domestically and internationally?

    If so - you could use our custom shipping code functionality to add in those two rates to the options returned to the customer. You could add that like this:

    1. On the shipping page in the Foxy administration, enable the "use custom code" option towards the bottom of the page.
    2. In the code editor that appears, add this code:
    const country = cart['_embedded']['fx:shipment']['country'];

    if (country == "US") {
    rates.add(10000, 12.80, 'FedEx', 'One Rate');
    } else {
    rates.add(10001, 36, 'USPS', 'International');
    3. Save the shipping settings, then wait 20-30 seconds and refresh to ensure the shipping code has saved correctly. There's a slight delay while the custom code initializes for your store.

    If you then head to your checkout and request the rates - you should see the flat rate returning too as set out above. Feel free to change the rate price and labels as required too.
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