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Processing Fee wording not showing on checkout

When we started to create our form for our donation page, the processing fee was showing in the cart on checkout. (See Image)

Now that we are close to being finished with the form and now when are testing, the processing fee is no longer showing on the cart but just showing tax: (See image)

The question I have is there a way to change that the processing fee shows on the checkout? My theory around why it's not showing is because we have more line items in the cart and it's pushed the items down forcing the tax part to just show as tax and not the processing fee. Thoughts?
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Thanks for the screenshots and details.

    When a subscription is set to charge in the future, meaning that there isn't any charges for today, we display a summary within the "Next Charge" section. Within that summary - we don't show a breakdown of the different taxes, but instead it just shows a single tax line-item with the total calculated taxes.

    If it's a one off product, or a subscription starting today (like in your first screenshot), then the cart summary displays as normal and lists out each tax currently included.

    Will you be making use of our tax functionality for charging normal taxes too? Or would it just be used for the "processing fee" that you have in your screenshot? If it's just for the processing fee, you could potentially change the "Tax" language string to instead be "Fees". That way the language would make more sense no matter if it's a future or immediate charge. You can edit that from the "language" section of your store's FoxyCart administration.
  • @fc_adam Thank you Adam that clears up a lot of questions on our end and works. Appreciate it.
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