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Foxy and Modx

clintfuhsclintfuhs Member
in General edited April 2009
Hey Foxy,

First off, and please excuse my brashness, but if i could make love to your cart, i would. It stunning! Nice work!

Next, I just started a company, been looking for design/programming firms, and been spec'ing out my site functions. I am not a programmer, but i think I understand enough to ask some decent questions:

1. Do you have any links or recommendations to firms (or individuals) that work with Modx and foxy?

I've used Drupal and demo'd Joomla and think i want to go with Modx for a few reasons: design flexibility, ajax, etc. I am aware of the Foxy-Back add-on and the inventory snippet. But, I'm left with a few questions

2. In past posts on this forum, admins have spoke about modx/foxy integration. Are Foxy-Back and inventory what was being referenced?

3. On order-management, I need my customer service reps as well as customers to be able to see order info through a modx login. Is this what foxy-back covers?

4. What about processing refunds/ is that handled?

5. How would you get orders sent to Amazon Fulfillment?

I apologize in advance if these questions should be directed to Foxy-Back developers or to ModX people? I have been drawn to all the excellent answers given by admins in this forum.

thanks for any help...and again, for creating such a beautiful, oh-so-foxy, shopping cart

  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Hi Clint.
    Thanks for the kind words ;)

    1. Yes, actually. It's on my list to create an "official" page since we get asked this quite often, but for now I'll whisper you some names. Drupal's super powerful and Joomla has a lot of advocates, but yes, MODx is really really nice.

    2. Check this for FoxyBack-MODx notes:
    There's a user I'll refer you to that's in the process of radically revamping and "awesoming" FoxyBack, so he's the guy you'd want to talk to.

    There's a separate inventory snippet, which can be integrated into FoxyBack I believe, but if you're not a programmer I'd probably not attempt to use FoxyBack as it's alpha software.

    3. Yes, but see the cautions above.

    4. Not positive, offhand. The refunding would likely need to be handled on the gateway level, but if necessary you could probably automate that.

    5. I know of at least one or two FoxyBack installations using fulfillment, but it's all custom code. There's been some chatter about Amazon Fulfillment so search the forums for that. There's no reason at all you couldn't work this in though, based on my understanding of Amazon Fulfillment.

    I'll whisper you Chuck's info. We're glad to have you in our community!
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Oh, and I forgot to mention:
    Our next version will allow for shared authentication, so with that and the user API... FoxyBack could be SUPER cool.

    Just sayin'. I'm pretty excited about it.
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