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How to eliminate the Spoofed Message Warnings in emails to donors


I contacted Google support for verification on the configuration of SPF and DKIM. They have referred me to you for further assistance. Email receipts (from on behalf of are being flagged as possibly being spoofed and fake which is not something we want our donors to be concerned about.

Can you please help me remove these warning messages?

These are my current DNS records; please let me know if I need to make further edits and the specifics on record changes.

Thanks for your help!
  • here's the image link: that wasn't inserted above
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Thanks for posting, and for including your screenshot there.

    It does appear that Google made some changes recently with how they handle the BCC version of the receipt, sent to the store email if that is a Gmail/Google Apps based address. If it helps - from our testing, this message isn't displayed to the customers - just to the store email when the from email matches.

    To remove the message, you'll want to enable the "use email dns" option found on the "advanced" configuration section of your store's Foxy administration. That requires a little bit of extra set up on the DNS - but I see you've already added the SPF record to your domain. There's one other TXT record you'll need to add to the DNS before enabling that feature though, and you can see details on that here:

    Once you complete that, you should see that message disappear on your future emails you receive.
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