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No PayPal on checkout page (using PayPal Payments Pro) after upgrading to v2

RolfRolf Member

I just upgraded an existing store from v0.7.2 to v2.0. It uses PayPal Payments Pro as gateway.

Now I only see credit card payments on the checkout. Currently it's all the default templates the store is using. (checkout etc.)

During testing I used all default settings and was expecting the upgrade in the live store to v2 to keep all the existing settings (where possible) when switching the live store.

I'm pretty sure the existing store (with the old implementation) had a PayPal option to pay, next to the credit cards. There are also PayPal transactions in the logs.


Kind regards,
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Hi @Rolf. Sorry that upgrade didn't go quite as planned, but the solution should be pretty straightforward. Go to the "payments" page in the admin, find the "PayPal Express Checkout" option. Check that box, and make sure you've followed the steps here:

    Note that there are 2 options for "PayPal Express Checkout". If you're doing subscriptions / recurring billing, we strongly urge you to do the Reference Transaction approach. (We recommend that approach either way, but especially for recurring billing.)

    Let us know if you have any questions or run into problems. We're here to help.
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