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checkout address field problems in Chrome, etc.

GeoffreyGeoffrey Member
in Help edited January 2019
We have had numerous reports from different users for many months that seem to be describing the same problem at checkout. It may be specific to the Chrome browser, but I am not certain. I have not been able to reproduce the issue myself, but the volume and similarity of these reports over a long time period suggests that there is indeed some kind of bug at play.

Here is a quote from the most recent support inquiry we've received from a user describing the issue:
I am unable to enter a new address using Chrome on your website checkout page. Every time I enter my own address, it changes it to a previous address. This is even after clearing cookies, so I assume it's something on your end that is auto-logging in returning users and auto-filling in their previous info? I have no idea. Everything works until i get to the State/ Zip part and then it reverts back to the previous address. I have to switch to Firefox and checkout as guest in order to successfully check out, but it's a huge pain. Maybe your IT team can look into this? I know i've contacted you about this about a year or so ago, so it's not a new issue.
Another report from a different user earlier this year:
I'm still having problems with your shopping cart! I had to actually delete the autofill settings in Chrome to make it register correctly, and check out as a guest since the email was bringing up the wrong zip code on the shipping address and wouldn't let me change it.
And another (different user):
Tried to update my shipping info on the your checkout page, but the form kept reverting back to my home address as soon as I clicked outside of the form box.
And another (different user):
Can you please ship to this address and update my shipping and billing address to the following? I try to manually enter it, but when I confirm the order it defaults back to my old address. Whenever I place my order, I manually replace the old address with my new one, but the moment I hit submit, it reverts back to the old address and I have to send this email. It's happened in my last three or four orders.
And another (different user):
Unfortunately I’ve experienced yet another issue in creating an order with you. For some reason, it changed my shipping address after I placed the order. I placed a previous order under the same email address. For some reason your system defaulted to that address without asking me to confirm the changes. I really appreciate what you’re doing as a company, but I must say this is the third or fourth time I’ve had an issue placing an order.
And another (different user):
I filled up my cart with tea that I wanted to buy from you, and then tried to subscribe to the Tea Club. I had previously bought my friend tea from this site, and it kept trying to change my address to her address once I gave my username and password. I was not able to get it to stop correcting my entries, so I wasn't actually able to sign up for the tea club.
And another (different user):
Two days ago I placed an order. I believed I had made sure that I'd entered my current address when I did so, but when I got the reciept email I saw that it is set to ship to my old address. I've had trouble getting your system to update my address in the past, and so was just ordering as a guest instead of signing in.
And another (different user) -- this one apparently tried to change their shipping address PayPal when they chose that checkout option, but the address entered there did not carry over to the FC checkout:
Hello, Not sure what happened as I had selected my new address in PayPal. Seems it didn't translate over on the order. My correct shipping and billing address is...

I'm not sure these problems are all stemming from the same source, but there's clearly something wrong happening with the process of changing address at checkout for a significant number of users. Would you please investigate this further?
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Thanks for posting and providing all of those details and reports. We haven't had any similar reports of this kind of behaviour for addresses before - but from the number of reports you've received, you're right that it does look like something is awry here. We have seen instances of browser auto-completes being a little too eager to fill in data that it does it even when other data is already present, but that's previously been related to logins.

    Would it be possible for you to email our helpdesk about this issue so we can discuss further and we can get some pertinent details from you like transaction ID's for each report? That way we can dig in closer to the transactions that match each report and see if we can get a fuller picture of what may be happening.
  • @fc_adam, thanks. I'll see what I can round up for transactions and send them to the helpdesk email.
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