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Flag to set a product option for multiple products at once

protocreateprotocreate Member
in Bugs & Feature Requests edited November 2007
Hm, couldn't really think of a good way to sum this up in the title. I'm putting together a site that sells canvas prints made from images uploaded by the customer. To streamline the process a bit I'm setting it up so that multiple sizes can be chosen as well as a quantity per size. You can see what I mean here: (disregard any design anomalies/weirdness or browser display issues, I'm working around the current design while I get the functionality in place and will redo/fix stuff later).

For each size I'm using the multiple product flag thing (2:name, 3:name, etc.) and using jquery to enable/disable the accompanying options. There is technically only one product, which is the image to print, but in order to have quantity and its affect on the pricing handled setting each size as a product seems the best solution. It does present one problem tho... the options for treating the print (sepia, restoration, etc) are common to all the "products" (sizes). Unless I do what seems to be a bit of a kludge and use jquery to enable/disable hidden 2:optname type flags all down the line (currently 14 sizes) the option(s) just gets calculated for the first product/size. I'd love to see an "all" type flag for product options, something like a:optname that will apply it to all the products being posted to the cart. Sort of the opposite of the x: exclusion flag.

On the other hand, if I'm missing something or you think using JS to handle it is the best option, feel free to move this discussion to the help section. I'll be looking for some pointers on streamlining the JS functions in that case ;)

Appreciate any thoughts or suggestions,
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    Hey Gabe, thanks for posting.

    Javascript is probably your best bet at this point. It might be possible for us to develop a "a:" type option modifier, but it may not be needed by that many people.

    Is there anyone else out there that would use this feature?
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    edited November 2007
    EDIT: Dangit, Luke beat me to this one. Here's my response anyway:
    Interesting problem and interesting idea for a solution. For the time being, I think javascript is your best option if you're doing it like that.

    Alternatively, you could try doing all the additional prints as product options, which can have price modifiers. That might make more sense, though if they wanted to remove only 1 of 18 prints, it'd be impossible without going through the whole process again.

    We actually really like the a: idea. I'm wondering if it has other applications outside of this usage. Perhaps for groups of conference registrations... definitely a neat solution that we'll look at implementing.
  • Hey guys, thanks for the replies. Sorry I took so long, just went through the process of putting stuff into storage and moving in with my GF ;)

    I planned on JS being the best solution in the near term. I'd thought about doing the sizes as options with price modifiers but think having each size+quantity show up in the cart as discreet entries is a bit friendlier for the customer experience.

    Admittedly there is likely a low need for this kind of option, but it seems like something that would round out the flexibility of foxycart nicely in the long run. It took a little thinking, but I can imagine other scenarios that would benefit from something like this. Things like ordering individual pieces out of a set or creating a custom set (dishes, matching pieces of clothing, stationary, service packages like those available for weddings, etc) and applying a uniform color, pattern, monogram, gift note, giftwrapping, etc to them. Useful for the times that you want to apply something to the selections being posted but not necessarily to everything in the cart (ie passing custom options at checkout).

    Anyway, thanks again for the comments and hopefully others have use for something like this so it picks up steam :)
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