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Validate Email


What type of email validations do yall do? Is there any way that we can fix emails when users submit them as '.comr' or '.comb'?

We are using version 2.0.


  • fc_marijafc_marija FoxyCart Team
    Hello @alan -

    We don't currently validate emails (except to check for a saved customer) – we've explored doing that, but it becomes a slippery slope as to how to deal with errors and creates ordering friction that not all of our users may like.

    We have helped users implement a second email field as a confirmation which you could try out. It's not an approach we love - purely because it's forcing extra work on the customer, but it does help with ensuring there isn't any issues in typing their email.

    You can see that snippet on this link - - and you would paste that into the "footer" textarea of the "Add custom header or footer code to your templates" option.

    If you wanted to test it out - you can use a development store instead of the live store. If you don't already have a development store - they're free to create, and to keep as long as you need.

    If you'd prefer not to validate on the front-end, you can change the email address for the customer (you'd want to do that for subscription customers) using the hAPI or legacy API. If this is the only type of change you'd be making, the legacy API is going to be the quickest to get going.

    Let us know if you'd like more details on either of those approaches.

    As far as editing the historical transaction, we currently don't support editing the email address there. Please send an email to if that's something you need to be able to do on a particular transaction.

    Hope that helps. Let us know if you have follow-up questions.
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