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Question about XML Feed

SmallHDSmallHD Member
in Help edited April 2009

I'm currently working on an XML feed for my CRM software, Oasis. We currently have the team at Oasis working on the script to catch and integrate the XML feed we send, but i have a question about something.

Is there some kind of definitions list out there somewhere that lists the values for prepackaged functions, such as shipping type? Like, if the customer selects UPS Ground, how will that actually display between the <shipping_service_description> tags? For any of these tags that are fed a value from foxycart that we or the user cannot control, we need to know what those values can be, so we can match them up in our CRM software.

I hope this makes sense - any help is appreciated. Thanks!


oh, and BTW - Foxycart is a dream come true, and it's only a matter of time before you have hundreds of idiots like me harassing you for help :)
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Hi Dale.

    Haha, your question definitely doesn't fall into the "idiot" category, so no worries there.

    As far as what you're asking for, we don't currently have a list, but it seems like you're asking for a DTD (or at least something to compliment a DTD), so if you could vote for it here:
    That'd be great.

    As far as a list of specific values, however... it might be slightly tricky, as we add shipping carriers occasionally (though not as often as our non-US users would like, I'm sure) and sometimes carriers change their codes, so those values aren't really set in stone.

    At this point I'd recommend running through a test checkout once per shipping method that you have configured so you can see what the exact values are, but I'd also keep in mind that those values _might_ change, so perhaps if you get an unknown value it should notify an admin. Just a thought.

    Off topic: What's the SmallHD? Little monitor? I have a Mimo 710 (aka Nanovision) on my desk right now but it stopped working (working on getting a replacement). Gotta love the little monitors.
  • Hey Brett..

    Thanks for the quick response. Yeah, that was the route i was planning on taking. Would it work just to run through a bunch of test transactions, and then export the transactions via a CSV? Would that work the same? Because at this point, we don't have our connection set up to receive the XML feed, so unless theres some easy way to see the XML feed created by a transaction, that seems like the only route.

    Let me know if i'm on track or not.

    And yes, SmallHD is my company who develops very high resolution, durable field monitors for video production applications. Meant to ingest high-def signals and display them as crisply as possible for focusing and composition purposes. Website is

    Thanks a lot for your help!
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    The CSV export won't do it for you, I don't think (but you could try). The CSV doesn't necessarily have all the transaction details as the XML, since it's not as flexible a storage format.

    But you can quite easily grab the XML and write it to a text file. There's a script on our wiki for that:
    It's the "write to file" one, and requires PHP.
  • Thanks, Brett..

    I'll give that a try. And thanks for voting ; )
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