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Sales Tax Certificates

Good afternoon, folks :-) When you enable the input field on the checkout form and turn on the "exempt customers with a tax id" feature, taxes are not collected for customers that enter anything into that field. It is then the vendor's responsibility to validate the tax ID and to have a copy of the customer's Sales Tax Certificate.

Collecting that copy could be done in three ways, I think:

1. An upload field next to the ID field (this method isn't supported in Foxy as far as I can tell)
2. A link to upload or email the certificate contained on the Foxycart receipt (and then not shipping until the certificate is received and validated)
3. A manual email with a request for the certificate (and then not shipping until the certificate is received and validated)

How do you all do it? Ideas are very welcome :-)

Thank you for any help & cheers,
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Hi @eriks
    Great questions.
    A few thoughts, not necessarily in order or in direct response to your points.

    First off, we do have an Avalara AvaTax integration, and they have a service that handles the certificates for you (and integrates with AvaTax, so things should automatically work. I'm not sure if TaxJar does, but if you're collecting for more than 1 or 2 states, you may want to explore those (or reach out to us and we can intro you and/or get some answers for you).

    Another option, instead of allowing customers to add a tax ID directly, would be to handle that yourself (adding to the customer record via the API; we're working on admin improvements to allow doing this from the admin). Then you ensure you're only skipping taxes for folks who've been approved.

    To your questions:
    1. On the checkout might be tricky, but could be possible. We've got an UploadCare tutorial for adding to the checkout here.
    2. Ditto #1 above. Upload care, perhaps. But if you wanted to delay, you could use some new functionality (currently private but going public in March) to do an auth-verification initially. That'd verify the credit card, but not charge. Then you could approve (and potentially edit) and _then_ charge for the right amount. If you'd like this functionality enabled, let us know. (We support it for about 6 of our most popular gateways currently.)
    3. Possible as well, but probably #1 or #2 would be better.

    That help? Certificate management's definitely going to require some manual effort, so it's just a matter of what'll make the most sense. Personally, I'd probably lean towards option #2, though that'd require manually capturing all transactions. (You could automate that via the API if the transaction volume is sufficient to warrant it.)
  • Thank you, Brett. Our client uses (re option #2). We'll discuss with client.
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