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Intermittent DataFeed 403 Errors

I'm using the self-hosted downloads script for my webstore.

Most of the time everything works as intended, but fairly often I'm getting datafeed failures. The error log always shows that the failure was a 403: 'No data returned ... [403]'.

My permissions all appear to be as they should be; and since everything works the majority of the time the permissions must be correct, no?

So, I'm pretty stumped as to what is going wrong.

Apologies if this is a noob mistake on my part, but any help would be greatly appreciated!

  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Looking at your store, I can see what you mean - while most transactions are processing with the datafeed successfully, there are a number of instances of the 403 response for the datafeed attempts.

    Ultimately this is the response our servers have received when we've attempted to communicate with your datafeed endpoint - so the key will be trying to determine what's causing that response.

    Have you tried review the servers error logs to see if that provides any additional details for what's happening around the time of the failures?

    Also - for any transactions that have failed to feed successfully the first time, are you able to successfully feed them manually from the transactions report section of the administration?

    If not - there may be a commonality between those transactions which are failing which could help pinpoint an issue on the endpoint due to the data it's receiving.
  • Hi @fc_adam – thanks for the response.

    My error log on cPanel doesn't show any 403 errors. It says the log contains the 300 most recent errors, although all that's there is a couple of 404s.

    Occasionally I am able to successfully refeed the datafeed after it has initially failed, but more often it continues to fail through repeated attempts to refeed.

    I have tried to determine some common factor between the failures, but I don't understand the info in the foxy transaction error log — what exactly is being described by the 'Agent' field?

  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Hi @Polytype. For our legacy XML datafeed, the user-agent is documented here:

    For the new webhook system, we send a variety of other headers, but not a user-agent. Documentation here:

    wrt the 403 error, can you check with your hosting provider to ask them about 403s? A 403 is a "forbidden" and typically is thrown by a WAF (web application firewall) or other security system. They might be able to shine some light on the situation.
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