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Product page doesn't show hyperlinks for some of the product titles


I added a new product and made a minor update (changed picture) of another product and now neither one has a hyperlink from the product title.

problem page:

If you hover over Water or School Hall, the words should change color, but the only time a link is shown is over the More details or the picture. If you hover over Sponsorship, Special Gift, or Medical Housing, those all work.

I don't understand where to change this so all of the Product Titles are hyperlinks on this page.

Thanks so much for your help,
  • fc_marijafc_marija FoxyCart Team
    Hi @adorersisters -

    We may need more clarity on the issue – when I click the products for Water and School Hall, whether it's the image, title, or More Details button, it takes me to the product detail page. Is that not what's happening for you or perhaps I'm misunderstanding what the issue is.

    Could you let us know?
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Quick follow-up, I've been able to replicate what you're describing. The titles for those first two items are still links - but the navigation element from the top of the page has some padding which is going over the titles, and causing the mouse interaction to be blocked from the titles.

    To fix it, you'll need to make a change to your website's CSS. It looks like you might be using themify on your site, is that correct? If so, and it allows you to customise the look and feel of elements, you'll need to remove the padding from the bottom of your navigation row. Currently it's set to 90px padding on all sides. If you can set it so that the bottom padding is 0, then that should fix your issue.

    If you're not able to customise the padding like that in themify, you can also correct it by adding some custom CSS to your website through themify (at least from reviewing their docs it looks like you can). If you can, you can add this CSS:
    #main-nav {
    padding-bottom:0 !important;
  • Thank you Adam! That was it exactly and I was able to adjust it so now the links appear as expected. :)

    Take care,
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