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City selection based on zip code

on checkout the city drop down selection is not very accurate... for instance if I search the zipcode 44139 the first city that appears is Bentlyville. according to here

bentlyville is a very small percentile of that zipcode and the primary city of that zipcode Solon is listed 3rd.

i thought maybe it was alphabetical but this doesnt appear to be the case either since a the zip 44022 brings up a number of citys in seemingly random order since again according to this website

the primary city of that zipcode should be Hunting valley

Can you please provide some insight into how this is being pulled in? and if there's a way to get more accuracy in terms of the first selected city that appears when a user chooses a zipcode?

thank you!image

  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Thanks for posting and for providing such a detailed overview of what you're seeing with the postcode city results.

    For the US, we currently make use of our tax database to provide the results there, to allow for more accurate rates to be returned there based on the area selected. This does have it's downsides though, particularly as there are sometimes tax regions that don't directly relate to shipping addresses, or as you've noted, with an ordering to the results that don't necessarily match how it would be ordered based on commonality.

    At present it's not possible to customise how those results are displayed easily, but it is something we have a ticket to look into improving to get better results there.

    For now, there are a couple different approaches you could take:

    Firstly, you could turn off the postcode lookup from the "configuration" section of your store's Foxy administration. This would mean the customers would enter their city/state manually, rather than having it returned automatically from their zip.

    Another option would be to use CraftyClicks to add an address autocomplete/validation feature to the checkout. You can see details on integrating that to your checkout here:

    I hope that helps - sorry we didn't have a better answer for you just yet.
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