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almost complete...

hey. so the last weeks i was really hard working to find a way to realize my concept. and i think i almost find the way.
i have the prototyp, i started to design in webflow and i want to use foxy for the e-commerce-stuff.
BUT i would love to have if possible one skype session or so with some guy with whom i can just discuss the last aspects before i subscribe to foxy and webflow...currently both in free trial..
because there is still a piece missing in my concept and i need someone to discuss it with...
would appreciate very much
  • fc_joshfc_josh FoxyCart Team
    Hi @danyalxy.
    No problem at all. I’ll private message you to setup a call.

  • hey josh, we had a chat about my new store, now i have a new question.
    so i would like to use the foxy-ecommerce-backend-functionality (long word) but without a checkout/cart for my customers since i will ONLY use the paypal express button and when the customer clicks on it (on my homepage) he will be directed instantly to paypal - so no need for a checkout-process on my side.

    is it with foxy possible to integrate a paypal express checkout button without the customer going through the checkout-process?!
  • fc_joshfc_josh FoxyCart Team
    Hey @danyalxy.
    Great to hear from you! No matter what, customers will have to go to the checkout page at some point. That said, I think it will be possible to force customers to use the PayPal button displayed in the cart. This will take customers to to configure their payment info. They'll then be taken back to the Foxy checkout to finalize order.

    If that sounds like it will work for you, do you mind sending us a quick email and we'll walk you through things?

  • hm but why? why they have to go to the checkout page at some point? i mean everything i need from my customer, will be processes by paypal. there i will have there address and everything.

    and i dont need any shipping settings, because i offer free shipping all the time and only ship to germany...

    so everything i need is actually:
    -a paypal button on the frontend for my customer
    - the ecommerce backend for myself, to manage the customer informations and to create and set coupon codes
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Currently that's how our integration with PayPal works. If they proceed from the cart, they'll authenticate with Paypal and then be forwarded over to the store's checkout. This allows for any additional calculations to be made (such taxes and shipping), and capture any additional custom information if required. The customers email and shipping address will be pre-filled on the checkout though, so they won't need to fill it in again.
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