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Setting up account - default category - error

pachamamapachamama Member
On the dashboard of my account, I can see that everything has been completed apart from a 'Default Category'
I have categories already complete 'Tickets' and 'Merchandise'

therefore, what does FCmean when asking for a default category - neither one of those product categories has the option to set as default as far as I can see.

Please help - time sensitive project here.

  • fc_marijafc_marija FoxyCart Team
    Hi @pachamama -

    We've been in touch through the support desk but wanted to post a reply here in case someone else has the same experience. We're exploring the possibility of a bug where the default category code can be changed or removed in special cases. By default, the DEFAULT category code is set up when a store is created and is required in order for the cart to function properly. In this case, it looks like the DEFAULT category was removed or changed and resulted in cart errors.

    Looks like changing it back fixed the issue and we're investigating how it may have gotten changed or removed.
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