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Coupon - buy any item get discount from specific item

alanalan Member

Is there any way to apply a coupon or other type of discount so that a customer will get a discount on an item with a specific item code if they purchase an item of any other type? So buy any item, get a 25% discount off Item X with this coupon?
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Good question. Currently our coupons don't support logic that applies the discount based on the presence of one product group but calculates the discount based on a different product group. It's something we have discussed within the team for how we could support - but not something that we've started work on yet.

    One approach that can be taken now would be to configure the coupon to apply just to the product that it should discount, and then include some custom javascript that makes sure the other product(s) are present if it detects that coupon being added to the cart. If the products aren't present, it can remove that coupon straight away and show an error instead. Could something like that work for you?
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