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Digital Products on Webflow with Different Prices?

LaniKaniLaniKani Member
in Help edited July 2019
(I didn't see a question like this on the forum, so forgive me if I'm asking something that was already answered)

I'm creating a storefront on Webflow where I can sell my beats and instrumentals. (I'm a music maker, not extremely versed in HTML)

Each "track" has two pricing options - Artist ($X + Good Quality Audio) and Producer ($Y + Best Quality Audio)

I've run into an obstacle I am not sure how to resolve.
The different pricing options give the buyer and entirely different downloadable .zip file.

There doesn't seem to be an option to have different versions of the same digital product.
Will I need to create a product for each package, or is there a quicker workaround?
Perhaps creating a form that switches out the "add to cart" buttons? I'm not sure.

Here's my product page for reference. I started with one of the eCommerce templates, and stripped it down to what I needed. I just need to get this in order before I officially launch the site next month.

Thanks in advance for any tips/resources.
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Thanks for posting, and providing a detailed overview of what you're after.

    As you've noted, currently our downloadable products don't allow for multiple files within a single downloadable. If you're needing to offer multiple versions of a single file, those will need to be created as individual products within your Foxy store administration.

    That said - on your own website, that can be presented as a single product for the customer to add to cart, with an option to set whether it's the artist or producer version of the file. That could be through a dropdown like you have now, or a set of radio inputs, and that could modify the code of the product that is being added to the cart. As the downloadable products are matched based on the product code, that will allow you to have a single add to cart form dynamically switch between the two files uploaded in the admin.

    I believe you've currently utilised one of the Webflow Ecommerce templates for your store, is that right? If so, to confirm, you won't need to use Webflow Ecommerce at all to be able to add Foxy into your Webflow site. Foxy products can be added using links and forms (or embedded HTML) directly, rather than using Webflow's native Ecommerce functionality.

    Will you be using a collection in Webflow to manage your products? Or will you be creating the product pages as required without using the CMS/collections? We can give you some tips on setting up the form in Webflow depending on the approach you're looking to take.
  • LaniKaniLaniKani Member
    edited July 2019
    Thanks for the detailed response @fc_adam !
    ...that will allow you to have a single add to cart form dynamically switch between the two files uploaded in the admin
    This sounds like exactly what I am looking for.
    I used the Webflow Ecommerce template for layout. All forms except a dropdown menu were cut out. I'd like to keep using the "Tracks" collection I've already created.

    Seems like a new Foxy-integrated form would be in my future?
  • fc_joshfc_josh FoxyCart Team
    Hi @LaniKani.
    Thank you for confirming. Mind private messaging us your Webflow Read-only link? We'll take a look and follow up.

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