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Difference between datafeed and Json Webhook

Good day,

Iam working on a wp project with foxycart integration and I got confused about using json_webhook.

I have been using foxycart's datafeed feature, I just want to know if it's better to use json_webhook?

For datafeed, there's only one url to be set but on json_webhook as far as I can understand I can set multiple endpoints?

So for example, in user creation/edition? If I edit wp records to sync to fc, is that a different webhook entry?
and another webhook url when getting products from a transaction and storing it to wp db?

These are the documents that I can only see regarding webhook

This is the datafeed documentation that Iam using.
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Hey @chesterp. We've handled this elsewhere for you, but for others:
    * Yup, the new JSON webhook is conceptually the same as the legacy XML datafeed.
    * Whether or not you create additional webhooks depends on your use case. Typically, I'd recommend only creating a new webhook if it's going to a completely separate system. So if you're doing a WordPress integration, and you want to process the webhook in WP, just 1 webhook is probably fine. (But if you want to send to WP _and_ let's say a CRM or BI system, create another webhook for that.)

    Let us know how it goes :)
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