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order history end point

hi guys,

just curious i know this can be done via api calls and such, but does FC provide an endpoint spcifically where customers who have placed orders through our store could go and login to see their order history? we understand we can do this on our end via api calls but just wanted to see if something like this already exists before we go and build it.. thanks!
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Hey @freshjones. Short answer is: Not yet but very soon! We've got a "customer portal" endpoint in the works that should be available in the next few months for public release, but sooner if you'd like to get in on early access. (The endpoint's mostly done, but there's still UI work to do. So you could roll your own if you wanted, or wait for a customer portal to be released officially.)
  • cool thanks for the response!
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