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fcs id is not changing after successfull logout

shivamdhagatshivamdhagat Member
in Merchants edited July 2019
when i login from test 1 account and do checkout with 2 product i can checkout, now if i change my login details and login with Test 2 same FCS id along with same product details is showing with cart ,
same FCS id is showing as was for test 1

it need to be generated new FCS id for new card it is not doing so
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Thanks for posting.

    Can I confirm with you - did you complete the checkout fully to the receipt before logging in with a different user? Once you complete a purchase, the session should be cleared so the cart should be empty for the next purchase. The fcsid would still be the same in the same browser - but the session itself would be cleared.

    Are you perhaps wanting to be able to clear the customers cart when they log out from your website?
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