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Unknown Gateway Error USAepay


12 times in the past month we have received this error when a customer attempts to check out with USAepay:

Error: There was an unknown gateway error. Due to the nature of this error, you may want to contact us to ensure your card wasn't already charged and/or to process your order manually.

For several of these transactions, customers' cards were charged for the purchase but no transaction record was created.

Can you please check the integration with USAepay and make sure that it is up to date with all error codes? If the integration doesn't have any errors, can you please explain what is causing these errors and how we can avoid this?
  • fc_marijafc_marija FoxyCart Team
    edited September 2019
    Hello @alan -

    In these cases, there was an issue with the gateway, but we didn't have the information (i.e. we didn't receive an error message or code, and possibly didn't receive any response at all) to provide a more detailed explanation of what went wrong.

    USA ePay was having issues during the times these transactions were attempted. Here's the status log:

    We can review the specific transactions if you like, just reach out to our support and we can walk you through.
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