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Duplicate customer records


I'm digging into the hypermedia-api and hoping to implement SSO on our store in the next few months. In building our customer database to sync with foxy's, I have found duplicate customer records, where a customer has 2 records in foxy's database, with identical emails and names but different password hashes. The date_created and last_login_date are both null for both records.

I found this in the documentation:

Regardless the method of creation, the single most important piece of a customer record is the email address used. The email address can be considered the unique key for the customer; there cannot be two different (non-guest) customer records with the same email address in a single store.

Is the above not accurate or is this a bug? How common is this bug if so? Please advise.
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Hi @alan.
    Do the customer records both have the `is_anonymous` as true? If so, they're guest records, and can be duplicated. If not (they're both not-anonymous, ie. they're non-guest accounts), then yes, it is unfortunately possible. We are currently looking into how this happens so we can prevent it. Though it's very, very uncommon, we have found certain accounts that experience this more frequently, which leads us to believe it's related to a very specific set of circumstances. We just haven't yet been able to identify what those are.

    The date_created values were somewhat recently fixed, so those won't be null for customer records created moving forward (and within the past few months).

    Unrelated to duplicate customers, but related to customers: If you're building any sort of customer portal, please let us know. We've got functionality in a private beta that allows for a front-end customer portal:
    If you're familiar with Vue.js, we can provide the foundation for a custom implementation, but we'll be releasing a drop-in script as well to add a customer portal to your own site (which will also allow for pay-gate / member-area type things).
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