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Send Admin Email

Should Foxy automatically send an admin email upon the completion of an order? I'm getting customer email, but no admin email. I see where to check "send admin email" in the Categories area, but I don't know where the admin email template is located.

Thank you,
  • fc_marijafc_marija FoxyCart Team
    Hi @zanguine -

    You don't need to use the category "send admin email" unless you're looking to send a different version of the email based on the category. If you just need a copy of the email that's sent to the customer, you would select bcc store email address on the email receipts page.

    That'll send a copy to the store email(s) set in the store basic settings (

    We've been in communication in the support desk as well, so I'll respond there with any thoughts about why you may not be receiving the bcc email.
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