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FoxyCart is a Great E-Commerce Solution for WordPress

robinvilliersrobinvilliers Member
in General edited September 2019
A few weeks ago I took on a new project, updating a MODx, E-Commerce Website with FoxyCart integration, for a Clothing Store. Unfortunately, the previously built  MODx site wasn’t responsive as it was built several years ago. Now I’m in a dilemma, as a developer I refuse to put out anything but the best.
This gets me thinking. The budget wasn’t there. So the notion of creating a user-friendly MODx dashboard was out of the picture. I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night if I recommended using Shopify or Big Commerce. I thought about using WordPress due to the ease of use.
Then I remembered that I’m building an E-Commerce site and, to date, I haven’t been able to integrate a solid E-Commerce platform into a WordPress site. Lastly, I really enjoyed working with this “new found technology” FoxyCart.
I’ll just integrate FoxyCart into WordPress. If it worked with MODx there’s no reason it won’t work with WordPress… I mean they’re both PHP based CMS’s right? Go to FoxyCart’s documentation, looked up WordPress, dropped in the code. Presto!
FoxyCart and WordPress are my two new best friends. This tag team duo had the speed of Magento and the ease of use that comes naturally with WordPress. Add in the Genesis Framework to the mix, now we have an all star lineup!
I’ve played around with WooCommerce and other E-Commerce solutions for WordPress and they all felt like they were being held together by a shoestring. A house of cards.
I’m still waiting for the Sunday night text messages saying my website is broke…
So if you’re like me and don’t like the current WordPress, E-Commerce solutions, such as WooCommerce or Cart66. You should check out FoxyCart. The details:
$15 a month
Connects with UPS, FedEx, USPS
Integrates with Authorize.NET, PayPal, Apple Pay(Coming Soon), you name it, it works!

All that is needed is to drop in a script hosted from FoxyCart’s CDN and the next thing you know you’re up and running. To connect your products to FoxyCart just slip in a similar code snippet like the one below.


Silk (+$5.00)

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