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FoxyCart with Multiple Stores

panhead490panhead490 Member
in General edited December 2007
Here we go, the start of a discussion so I (as well as the rest of the world) can understand FoxyCart a bit better.

I'm trying to get a clearer idea about how FoxyCart can scale with a larger business (the post about was very helpful -- thanks for that). My client is currently very, very frustrated with SunShop ... they currently have 9 different stores (each store revolves around a very very specific category of products) and jumping through the hoops to make everything work is hard for them -- migration alone from SunShop 3.x to 4.x has taken months of part-time work and it's not done right now.

So here's where they want to be in a few years:

CSN is a network of many stores (hundreds) -- it appears they are running Microsoft's Commerce Server and the client is looking for a better solution (just as tailored but a lot less expensive). I'm entertaining the idea of pairing up a CMS framework (MODx if I go the PHP way) with FoxyCart to keep the administration of products as simple as possible and all in one place, not one admin site for every store like SunShop does.

All that said, any input about FoxyCart? Is it up for the challenge?

More specifically how does the licensing work?

They want their domains/stores setup like this:

But, they want to have the checkout at

Is that one license or more than one? If it is more than one license, is their a bulk rate for a client that would need 10 ... 100?

I guess that's it for now. I appreciate all your help and your impressive work with FoxyCart ... very nice work!
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Welcome to the forum. There are a few items that tie into this discussion, so we'll tackle them one by one.

    FoxyCart: If you want multiple domains sending orders through a single, that's possible with only one FoxyCart store. Things to consider are your analytics, which will be a little more difficult to handle across a variety of subdomains.

    If you want multiple differently branded checkouts, you'll need a FoxyCart store for each one. You could, however, manage multiple FoxyCart stores from one single admin login, which is always nice. If you need bulk pricing, contact me offline for discussion.

    MODx: You can handle multiple subdomains/full-domains from a single MODx installation currently. It's slightly hacky, but it does in fact work pretty well, and if you have some basic knowledge of php you could pretty easily extend the solution to be a little more robust.

    Does that make sense?
    Also, if you're using iDevAffiliate (or another affiliate tracking method), please chime in on that thread on our forum. As soon as we have a free moment we'll be making an integration to automatically add new customers as affiliates, which might be interesting. (Or it might not be, but just trying to drum up interest for it.)

    Additionall, with the FoxyCart XML, you should be able to do just about anything you'd need to do with your orders. What we've had some discussion in lately is just storing all the XML to your own database so you can access it at your leisure.

    Hopefully that answers some questions. Let me know if I missed anything.
  • Brett -

    Thanks so much for the prompt reply.

    A couple of clarifications would be helpful:
    -The "differently branded" checkouts -- I could handle one checkout if I had the ability to control text dynamically ... is that possible or is that static to prevent people from housing too many "stores" through one checkout? I don't care what the answer is -- just want to relay the correct information to my client.

    I've never used MODx before but have programmed in PHP for several years so I am looking towards hacking around to get MODx to fill this project's needs and get a chance to learn a framework I've been wanting to learn for awhile.

    Once I talk more with the client, I'll let you know about the affiliate tracking stuff -- it's not of first priority for them right now, at least from what I understand.

    Anyway, I love the simplicity and elegance of FoxyCart ... you handle the secure transmission of financial information, make sure everything checks out, and give a easy to brand and design solution that rocks while giving us complete access to the data via XML. Can't wait to start using it ...
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    "Differently branded checkouts":
    If you want everything to go through the same, then that'd be one store. There's only one cart, checkout, receipt, and email template per store (though there are many, many ways to get around the receipt emails, such as per category, or generating them yourself from the XML).

    You could conceivably do some modification of the checkout page using javascript. Like if the products are different/unique enough for you to search for a text string, then display specific text if that string is found. That'd work, though it'd be a little hacky.

    If you want,, etc., or if you want the cart and checkout templates to be very different (different logos, different terms, different custom fields, etc.) you'd need separate FoxyCart stores. What's nice, however, is that you could easily have all the stores send XML to the same processor for you to store/manage in one central place.

    Additionally, you could have 10-100 stores all in the same FoxyCart admin account, so you wouldn't need to bother with 10-100+ different logins for each different store.

    MODx is great ;) You'll enjoy it. There's actually at least one MODx + FoxyCart integration coming to share logins and add some order-history and order-management from the MODx side of things. Keep an eye on the MODx+FC tutorial page on the wiki for details on that one.
  • Brett - thanks for the input! I'm really looking forward to seeing the MODx integration tutorial. Keep up the hard work...
  • You mentioned:
    MODx: You can handle multiple subdomains/full-domains from a single MODx installation currently. It's slightly hacky, but it does in fact work pretty well, and if you have some basic knowledge of php you could pretty easily extend the solution to be a little more robust.

    Do you have any information regarding handling subdomains in Modx. I would like to try setting something like that up.
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    Hey dextersl2. That would probably be a question the MODx forums could help you out with.
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    There's a "sub site" plugin or something (I forget what it's called), but it's decent for basic needs. I think ChuckTruck just developed something awesome that's related to this, but I'm not sure what his plans are for it.
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