Any chance for us Danish people?

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I have been using modx for some time now, and one on their forum suggested that I should check out this site when I asked about setting up a webshop in modx.. So, I have checked out your screencast plus most parts of the wiki and this forum..
It seems as though foxycart isn't really ready for us international users; or am I all wrong?
I need a shop system that can handle whatever "Danish conditions" I might run into, and a system that are able to handle "Dankort" (the danish standard credit card) and so on and so on..
Now, am I just blind or is Foxycart not the right system for me yet?

Oh, did I mention that Im a complete n00b when it comes to all this, and therefore may very well be wrong in everything I say..

Love the whole project idea by the way, so thumbs up to everyone involved..

  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Not yet. We're focusing on improving our shipping and tax flexibility, then we'll add language customization. I'd love to chat offline, however, if you're interested in translating things once we do get those pieces ready.

    If it makes sense, you could use FoxyCart in the "offline processing mode" and manually run your credit cards with whatever virtual terminal you have. Not ideal but it might be the best solution available for the time being. ("Best" == "not as bad as everything else out there")
  • Hi Brett

    That was probably the quickest reply Ive ever had from a site admin.. About the translation bit, cold you roughly point out how much data we are talking about? I'd love to help for sure, but have no idea whether the task would be possible or overwhelming for one little Danish guy..

    I will have a closer look at the offline processing thingy, thanks for pointing that out..
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    [responded offline]
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