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alamelualamelu Member
in Help edited May 2009
My Mp3 store file size is more than 100 MB. So I have used The source code is working fine but I don't know how to configure the foxycart store for my self hosted downloads.

Is there any one with experience. Thanks in advance.
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Hi alamelu.
    What help are you looking for, specifically?
  • alamelualamelu Member
    Thanks for your interest on my post. I have worked out the source code and the code is able to generate links in mail. I want to know how/where i need to configure to redirect/set the link in foxycart.

    How can I configure the source code/(link) with foxycart?????

    Please help me out of this issue.
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    Sorry alamelu, I think we're missing you somewhere. When you say configure the source code / (link) with foxycart, what exactly do you mean? The integration code you mentioned is for working with the FoxyCart datafeed. You can configure that and turn it on under the "advanced" section of your admin. That script will need to be hosted on your own server. Does that help clarify?

    Sorry if we're still missing you.
  • Thank you luke. Sorry for this delay. The self hosted download is working fine for me. :)
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