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Company Name

bdogsputnikbdogsputnik Member
in Bugs & Feature Requests edited December 2007
When companies need to use their name as a part of their shipping/billing do you have a field they can use? I'm not seeing it.
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Where would you like to see it?
    I'm thinking that if we add it, we'd probably make it hidden (with CSS) by default. I really don't want to add more fields to checkout; would rather keep things as short as possible.

    Anybody else have any thoughts one way or the other?
  • It would need to be added to both the Billing and Shipping information.

    Billing: Some credit cards are in the name of the company, not an individual.

    Shipping: Packages "ought" to be addressed to the company that is receiving them, it's just the professional thing to do. If the head office purchases something for a subsidiary, then the company names would be different between billing and shipping. Using the same company name from Billing could result in the package getting mistakenly redirected.

    Anyone else want to weigh in?
  • BTW, in my current project's case, having the company name only in Billing is enough.
  • oskayoskay Member
    It looks like the "Company" field was folded into the default checkout process at some point.

    That's great. But, a lot of times the company name is actually an important part of the shipping address, and when an order is processed-- using PayPal as the gateway --that part of the address is dropped. This is not good-- our shipping addresses are generated through PayPal, and this has led to some mis-delivered shipments.

    Is there a good reason that this data is not passed through as part of the address?
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Hmmm... We'll take a look at this one. Odds are that when it was rolled into the checkout proper it wasn't added to all the gateways. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We'll update this thread with info as we make progress.
  • oskayoskay Member
    Bump! :)
  • This continues to be an issue for our store. This is still the original question of this thread, going back almost two years-- companies really do "need to use their name as a part of their shipping/billing."

    If there is a "company" field, people often use it as part of the address.

    Windell R. Oskay
    Dept of Astrology <---- Company field?
    Starfeet Academy
    111 Nowhere Blvd
    City, State, zip

    Windell R. Oskay
    Starfeet Academy, Dept of Astrology <---- Company field?
    111 Nowhere Blvd
    City, State, zip

    There may be 50,000 people at Starfeet Academy, and only 20 in the Astrology department, meaning that a package to my department will get to me (because it has all of the information), but to the Academy as a whole will likely get lost, mis-routed, or (at a minimum) delayed.

    Second (and real) example: Our business's physical address is at a facility shared with almost 200 other companies, and there is no central registry at the address of who works at each of those companies. A package with my name on it, sent to our street address but without our company name will *never* get delivered. It will just get returned to sender as "addressee unknown."

    Dropping part of the address *really is* unfoxy. Please consider actually fixing this.
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    Hello Oskay.

    We definitely don't want to do things "unfoxy" like, but I'm not sure we're on the same page here. We added the Company field to the checkout awhile ago and we provide it in the XML datafeed and the customer email. If you're talking about Paypal specifically, are you asking that we add it in as address line 1 and move the "real" address line 1 to address line 2? Unless I'm missing something, Paypal's DoDirectPayment API doesn't provide for a "company" field in the address.

    As a custom fix (if that's what you want), you could add some JavaScript as an onchange method to the company fields to populate the Address Line 1 fields... but I'm not sure if that's a standard way of doing things.

    You may want to either get a different payment gateway that has a better API (or please educate us on what we're missing there) or move to doing shipping labels yourself using our XML Datafeed.

    I'm sorry if I've missed something obvious and for not following up sooner with an explanation as to why the company field is not showing up in PayPal.
  • Hi Luke,
    Thanks for the explanation. Looking at the DoDirectPayment API, I (now) totally get that the basic problem is a flaw at PayPal.

    The problem, in a sense, is also that now that there's a "Company" field, many people put part of the address in that field.

    Yes, we could move shipping to something derived from the datafeed. But (1) exporting the data and then importing it into paypal to replace our existing data isn't particularly appealing and (2) after poring over your docs, it's clear that using the XML datafeed is a sufficiently advanced topic that we're probably better off just retyping addresses by hand.

    Yes, we could move to another gateway than paypal. But (1) it has a fairly good (obviously not perfect) shipping system integrated that we do use and (2) we're probably not your only customers using paypal, so even if we went away, it might be nice if a fix were in place.

    One partial workaround-- that would be user transparent and catch at least 2/3 of the cases-- would that if "Company" were filled in but "Address 2" was empty, to move the contents of those two fields into "Address 1" and "Address 2" when the data is passed to PayPal. Most people only use one address line when the Company name field is filled in.

    A second workaround would be to hide the Company field, but that's not obviously better.

    Third, the company name could be prepended to address 1 when present, maybe with a comma between. Ugly and incorrect, but thorough at least.
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Thanks for bumping this (again), Windell. Definitely interesting, and while PayPal's limitation explains the "why", it's definitely not ideal.

    To me I think it'd make sense to (for PayPal):
    - If Company field is not empty,
    - Concatenate address 1 and address 2, perhaps using " -- " between the two.
    - Send Company field as Address 2

    I think it'd make sense to leave the address 1 as is, since some systems are likely looking for a "real" address value there, and likely ignore the address 2 portion.

  • That sounds like a fine solution. I do understand that "Address 1" has a special meaning to a lot of systems.

    My only concern would be to watch the total character limit when concatenating, but it would certainly be a fine workaround.
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    Hmm... that might work for Paypal only, but it does seem like a bit of a hack. I'd kind of prefer a customer facing solution on the front end, but that might just confuse people. If you don't do something special, the packages still may not ship right with the company listed as address line 2... but having it there would be better than not having it.

    What about just concatenating the company on address line 2 after a comma? So it would like this:

    12345 Anystreet
    Suite 304, My Company Name

    Would that work?
  • >the packages still may not ship right with the company listed as address line 2...
    >but having it there would be better than not having it.

    I agree, it's the (apparent) loss of data that I'm concerned about.

    The USPS says that it reads addresses from the bottom up, and there's usually only *one* line for a US street address.
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    I think either could work. Concatenating Address 2 + Company, or Address 1 + Address 2 and stick Company in the Address 2 field.

    Personally I think my option makes more sense, but I don't have a strong opinion either way.
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    Shoot. This one stayed in the "we can do this or that" phase so a decision was never made. Revisiting ticket #840 reminded me of it.

    Brett, I took your comment to mean we don't want to mess with address 1 and just leave it "as is" hence the idea to concatenate it all into Address 2. Unless I hear different, I'm going go with adding it to Address 2 and if Address 2 already has something, it will be added after a comma and a space.
  • I'm pleased to see this revisited. :)
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Nah, I think the one I was talking about was this comment, where add1 + add2 get concatenated and stuck in add1. Then stick Company in add2.

    To me that really makes the most sense. Otherwise you stick a _non_address piece of data (company name) after an _address_ piece of data. I'd rather keep _all_ the address data together on one line, and have the company data (non-address) on its own.

    It's really standard to put address 1 + address 2 on a single line. It's not common to put a company name or some other non-address piece of data inline with addresses.

    I could be wrong, but if it were me sending or receiving something I'd want to make darned sure that the address is as clear and intelligible as possible. One big address + company is a lot easier to make sense of than 2 line containing address + other data.

    Just my thoughts. Anybody disagree?
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    Ahh... gotcha. Yeah, that makes sense to me especially since the address 2 line will usually have links like "Apt. 10" or whatever and that can go on the end of an address line without a problem.
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