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Looking for a good Foxycart programmer

SmallHDSmallHD Member
in Help edited June 2009
I'm in desperate need of anyone who is familiar with foxycart and extremely familiar with javascript to implement an alteration to the checkout code.

We will pay this person for the project - i'm just looking for a reference here, rather than starting from square one and just finding a javascript programmer that has never even heard of foxycart (a real shame).

I basically need two things, if possible:

1 -- I need to make it so i can have multiple flat-rate options that change based on the quantity of products that the person has in their cart.

2 -- I need some logic that examines what shipping address is input, and if it is international, it switches the shipping calculations to the flat-rate scheme, rather than using the live rates, which we will use for domestic only.

3 -- One other thing actually, is if we could build logic in that sensed when a certain number of a specific item was added to the cart, a flag would pop up that tells the user to call a number to place the order, and essentially block people from placing certain large orders on foxycart. We don't want people ordering 20 of our 800 dollar product online... and of course having to deal with the shipping fiasco.

Just looking for someone who might be able to accomplish these things. Thanks!

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