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Hi. Before I download foxycart!--which looks awesome by the way--what happens when a customer completes the payment processing just an email notification sent or is there an admin somewhere that the details of an order can be looked up? I ask because I only see a reference to an XML file outputted in the Docs...which leads me to believe it's up to the end user to do something with that file. Is that XML file written to my own server?
  • Sorry for stating "Before I download..." I meant to say before I try your product. I do understand that it's a hosted solution.
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    On a successful purchase the customer will get a receipt emailed to them (which can be text or text+html, and are almost fully customizable, like everything else with FoxyCart ;) ). The store owner can also receive a BCC of the receipt (which is turned on by default).

    Also, we just added the ability to have a "from" address different than the store owner address. So your emails could send from "" but they'd go to "".

    You can also set up additional email notifications on a per category basis. So you could send an extra email if somebody registers for a conference, or purchases a downloadable. These per-category notifications can be set for customers (ie. customer registers for a conference, customer gets an additional email with details) and for admins (ie. customer registers for a conference, Admin B gets an email notification).

    The XML feed is sent to your server every minute, and is the raw XML of the orders (example here). You could conceivably use that XML to manage your inventory, insert your customers into Campaign Monitor (or PHP List or Constant Contact), send them a satisfaction survey (a la Survey Monkey), manage memberships, or etc.

    As far as where the XML is "written": It's sent to a URL of your choice for you to process however you'd like. You could write it to a database or a flat file, or process it, or whatever.

    (Can you tell we really like the XML datafeed? ;) )

    Does that answer the question? Our documentation is a little sparse so far, but we'll be continuing to build it out as we go. (And it's publicly editable, so feel free to edit.)

    Edit: Apparently I don't know how to use our forum ;) Check the links below.
  • Hey Brett. Thanks for the thorough reply. Unfortunately, the links contained in your reply aren't linking anywhere. I'd love to see the example raw XML of orders.
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    Huh... that is strange. His links no-go-no-where.

    I just created a ticket to fix that. Probably a forum styling issue. As for the XML Datafeed, I just wanted to point out also that we encrypt the data before we send it to your server, so you don't even need to have an SSL cert.

    Here's the datafeed info on the wiki:

    There's a lot of good stuff here:
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