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Reseller Discount?

kelvinkelvin Member
in General edited December 2007

I run a very small web development firm, and I was just wondering if foxycart offers any discounts for reselling foxycart? (i.e, companies pushing them out to clients - NOT companies being the end user/client)

  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    HI kelvin.
    We do plan on adding some additional functionality to allow "white labeling" (a la Campaign Monitor) eventually. (More flexible shipping, tax, and internationalization options come first though.) Currently, we don't have anything set, but we do have some "pilot programs" ready if you're looking at more than 10 or 20 stores right off the bat.

    The other option, which might be easier, is our affiliate program. It's not fully implemented yet, but whisper me if you're interested.

    I hope that helps. Happy new year!
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