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Shipping Address Won't Show

bdogsputnikbdogsputnik Member
in Bugs & Feature Requests edited December 2007
When I submit information for the shipping address using the new fields in ver 0.3.0 the "Use a different Shipping Address" is not checked, so the information isn't showing.

Can you update this please?
  • It appears that shipping_state is not getting picked up by the link, here's my link for that field:


    but the field is blank when I go to check out.
  • Can the stored CC still be loaded when information is submitted through the "no password" way?
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    hey Bdog.

    The system currently keeps that information hidden unless a user specifically asks for a different shipping address other than the billing address. It's the same way when you enter your user name and password and retrieve your information from the foxycart database... just because a shipping address might be on file, we don't make the assumption that the customer wants to use it unless they check the box. We might be able to rethink this, but it made sense at the time. We might just change it so that if you pass at least one of the shipping fields in, we'll show it by default.

    Try setting shipping_state_code as well. It may be validating the shipping country first and without the state code set, it may end up clearing it out.

    The "no password" way needs to be documented a little further, but it's basically a "single use" customer which means we aren't linking them to any existing customer, regardless of the email address. Thus, we don't pull any existing credit card information. As far as foxycart is concerned, each transaction done in this way will create a new customer.
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