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Change to our forum

brettbrett FoxyCart Team
in General edited January 2008
Hello all.
Based on previous attempts at gathering feedback, odds are that nobody will respond to this thread, but I'm asking anyway.

We're currently using Vanilla for our forum. While we love Vanilla in theory (super lightweight forum, add the functionality you want), we're considering moving to a different forum for a few reasons. (Extensions are great, but there is certain functionality like email notifications and syntax highlighting that would be a little easier if it were built in.)

Our current thoughts are: SMF (used by MODx and many others) and PunBB (used by MooTools, Freshbooks, and etc.). SMF is clearly powerful, but it's just SO beastly. PunBB is streamlined and gorgeous in its execution, but lacks a few things that SMF does offer (like sub-forums).

If anybody would like to chime in and influence our decisions, feel free to comment ;)
  • Sub-forums! Organization! Woo!
  • Hmmm... lack of subforums in PunBB ... I was definitely gonna say that one.
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Yeah, there's a mod for it, but agreed. It's just so pretty. And SMF scares me. PunBB does do categories with forums inside them. So at least you have a little more organization than no hierarchy at all.
  • SMF looks good to me - I'm a big fan of those type of forums - it's just so much richer. While vanilla is nice, I think it works against you in this case. I'm all for SMF. I think it goes a long way towards building community which in turn builds referrals and sales.
  • SMF is great as it's not too complex, but gives the account holder a nice range of options. The ModX forums work really well and I have used SMF for various clients who have all been pleased with the results.
  • If I were looking at forums I'd strongly consider implementing one that supports external authentication like LDAP. I wish our forums (MODx) did that, but it doesn't even look like it's on the SMF 2.0 roadmap from what I can gather.
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