Transaction Fee?

hcabboshcabbos Member
in Help edited August 2007
Am I correct in assuming that FoxyCart doesn't have a transaction fee?

It might be a good selling point to summarize key selling points (other than developer-related benefits) something like e-Junkie does on their site, if applicable in FoxyCart's case:

Just $15 per month

No Bandwidth Limit

No Transaction Limit

No per transaction fee
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Hi hcabbos. Yes, you are correct in that assumption. We'll be tweaking our site to refine the message (splitting into "For Designers", "For Developers", and "For Store Admins"), but you're right that we don't highlight our pricing as much as we should. We'll definitely be improving that aspect of things.

    Thanks for the feedback. Sometimes we overlook the obvious ;)

    (In the future, we might be offering a "free" gateway that _would_ have associated fees with it, but would save people the setup and monthly cost of a payment gateway. But for now, it's only $15/mo with no fees whatsoever.)
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